Babysitting Activites & Ideas For Kids

If you're a new babysitter or just looking for some new babysitting ideas for the kids, here's a list of some fun babysitting activities that should put a smile on any child's face:

Build A Fort

Do you remember how much fun it was when you were a kid, to build a fort out of blankets and chairs? Well even if you don't, building a fort is loads of fun for kids and really develops their imaginations. The ideas are limitless: You can pretend you're in a tent camping in the wilderness, a prince or princess in their castle, or even a bear in your cave.

Indoor Picnic

Another idea that is popular especially with the girls is having an indoor picnic or tea party. Simply spread a blanket on the floor, gather up some sandwiches (imaginary or real) and you're ready to start picnicking.

Board Games

Board Games never lose their appeal, even when we grow up. Some of the great classics kids still enjoy include Sorry, Memory Cards, Game of Life, Mouse Trap, and many others. The great thing about board games as well is that you can enjoy them as well along with the children.

Coloring and Drawing

Babysitting activities for children don't have to be complicated. In fact some of the simple ideas like coloring or drawing pictures can keep kids entertained for hours. If they don't have coloring books, you could even print some free coloring book pages online before you arrive at the house.

Playing House

Another idea that's popular with little girls is playing house. "You be the mommy and I'll be the daddy." This one can really get kid's imaginations going as they simply love role playing. Of course, this activity might get a little tiring to you if it goes on for an extending period of time! :)

Hide and Seek

Another good old fashioned classic is hide and seek. Just make sure you outline the boundaries of where kids can and cannot hide within the house. You want to make sure safety is first and foremost in mind.


Kids love making things and what better way to express themselves, and be entertained at the same time, then to do crafts with them. Really the sky is the limit as far as what you can make with kids. You can do something simple like cut out and decorate snowflakes to something a little more elaborate like making origami animals. Just make sure you are supervising at all times especially when scissors are involved.

Act out a Play

Another great idea to get kid's imaginative juices flowing is acting out a play. This can be really fun for kids especially if they get to dress up or wear costumes. You can choose a real play like Peter Pan, or simply get the kids to make one up and then act it out for you.

Play dough

Playing with play dough is still very popular with kids these days. You can either use the store bought play dough or even make your own using just flower and water with a tablespoon of cooking oil and a pinch of salt. Then have fun sculpting animals with the kids or get them to make a play dough house, playground, or flowers.

Hopefully this list of ideas should be enough to get you started. Whatever babysitting activities you decide on however, there's always more ideas out there. Just use your imagination and have fun. You'll be surprised at just how fast time flies, and with the kids well entertained, the parents will be sure to call you back for more babysitting in the future.