Babysitting Rates

So you've found the perfect babysitter but you have no idea how much to pay a babysitter per hour and what charges for babysitting are reasonable. What is the going rate for babysitting these days anyway? Well, not surprisingly there is no one set babysitting hourly rate for all cases.

In short, the average babysitting rate is typically around $8 - $12 per hour but babysitting wages can vary widely anywhere from as little as $4 per hour all the way up to $18 per hour or more! Why such a wide range? The reason is what rate to pay a babysitter depends on many factors, the most critical of which are location, experience, number of children, and any other additional requirements from parents. Let's touch on each of these:


Have you ever heard the expression "Location, Location, Location?" Okay so it's not exactly real-estate we're talking about but where you live does have a factor in determining babysitting pay. Typically if you live in a large city like New York or Los Angeles where the cost of living is higher, babysitting rates are also higher (often $1 - $3 more per hour) when compared to smaller cities and towns. Remember, babysitting is a job like any else so a babysitter salary will be affected by the location you are in.


How much experience a babysitter has is one of the most important factors in determining a reasonable babysitting charge. A high school student with little or no experience would normally earn much less than an experienced adult. All other factors aside, teenagers are often more than happy to babysit for $5 per hour whereas an adult with a number of years experience as a nanny or sitter would expect at least $10 per hour. It really all depends on your childcare needs and what type of babysitter you are comfortable with.

Number of Children

This is a given; the more children that require care, the more work it's going to be for the babysitter and the more money you should pay them. How much extra should you pay for looking after more than one child? Again, it can vary but usually around $1 per additional child is the norm.

Age of Children

Newborns, infants, toddlers, and generally any child under the age of 3 requires a caregiver that has suitable training and experience with children of that age group. Taking care of a baby is significantly different than taking care of an older child. Babies and young toddlers have special needs such as diaper changes, feeding, dressing, putting to sleep, and most importantly keeping them away from potential dangers within the common household. Due to these additional needs, a babysitter's hourly wage should be adjusted by at least another $2.

Time of Day

Regular babysitting hours are typically considered between 8:00am and 10:00pm. If you require a babysitter to babysit outside of these usual hours, additional compensation should be considered. If paying hourly, an extra $2 per hour worked past 10:00pm or before 8:00am is reasonable.

Special Requirements

The last factor to consider when determining a babysitter rate is whether there are additional requirements above and beyond the average babysitting job. Some of these requirements could include housework, cooking, running errands, and caring for children with disabilities or special needs. Since these requirements can vary so widely, you'll need to make your best judgement as to how much extra these requirements mean in terms of babysitting fees for the babysitter. If in doubt though, adding on a couple of bucks per hour would be a safe bet.

Still not sure what to pay your babysitter? Check out our Babysitting Rate Calculator that will give you a rate based on all these factors!

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ohio mom says...
Ok... do some of you realize that you are expecting to get paid more than a minimum wage job pays here in Ohio! So that means a parent has to go in debt to a sitter so they can work? How do you support a family like that? Feels kinda pointless to look into going back to work
26th April 2013 11:13am
MamaofTwins says...
I am a new mom and my twin sons just turned 9 months old and i am looking to start getting them use to a sitter (high school student). I want to make sure i am paying her decently if she is good i don't want to get the boys use to her just to lose her. My husband and I decided to pay her 25 dollars for around two hours in the evening to play with/walk the boys so we can get yard work and other household chores done. We would be around the whole time. Is the 25/evening rate reasonable for this situation?
21st April 2013 12:24pm
Babysitter4U says...
I am from a small town in Nebraska. I only get paid in the range of $2.00-$2.50. I also babysit everyday in the summer. and get $40-$50 a week. Is this good? If not how would I ask for a raise? UnsureThanks...
31st March 2013 5:55pm
nanny4neighbor says...
Im watching a 2mth old baby for 10 hours a day and getting paid 30.00 a day. I was told that they did their research, of course me being the person that I am too nice I started babysitting, but I did my research on this and found out that my pay is under the scaleShockedhow do I handle this?
25th March 2013 8:49pm
Alexandra Ebanks says...
I'm 17 and I get paid $18/hr to babysit one day a week from 8:30-3:30pm; not to mention the parents are actually home. You are way too underpaid. My advice, would be to sit down with the person paying you and tell them that you are being underpaid. The minimum they should be paying you is $10/hr and that's being generous. If you have experience ask for more than $10.
2nd April 2013 9:40pm
Anonymous says...
Today I babysat for a total of 7 and a half hours. The whole time I had a 2 year old boy, for 4 of the hours I had an additional 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. Both boys were so good and were compliant. The 6 year old girl seemed more difficult to handle. I walked away with $40. I've been babysitting for 8 years now and this seemed low. I did the math and it was a $5.33/ hour ratio. I'm used to $8-10 per hour. How do I ask for more next time without being rude?
22nd March 2013 2:17pm
julie says...
I will be babysitting - 4 children coming soon. not sure how much to charge !!! 6pm-1am
what is the going rate
20th March 2013 9:47am
Courtney Smith says...
I babysit 5 kids after they finish school. 3 girls and 2 boys, age between (5-12). I charge $30 per hour ($6 per child). Sometimes I babysit a little boy who is 3 and get paid $5 per hour, somedays it is all day or over night. I find it is a great way to earn extra cash and it can be fun when you have things planned for them to do and it keep them occupied.
16th March 2013 3:22am
Michael says...
I don't mean to sound rude but most of these people leaving comments about charging 10+ an hour for one kid are greedy.I have a 5 year old boy and have used several different sitters and none have charged me anymore than $5 an hour. And the comment about charging more after 10pm is crazy because I child should be in bed by then and a sitter shouldn't get paid more to sit and watch TV while the child sleeps.
13th March 2013 7:12pm
Christiana Eckert says...
I am pretty sure that as a childcare worker, we are not being "greedy" when asking for more then 10$/hour. We are talking about your children here. To have someone care for your child who has the experience to react appropriately in any situation is imperative. I see housekeepers being paid $15/hour and you think that $10 is too expensive? To take care of your CHILD? This comment is outrageous...
24th April 2013 6:04pm
Brittany says...
So as a babysitter I shouldn't get paid when your child is sleep? My job is to take care of your child no matter the time. If you don't think I should get paid to sit and watch tv in case your child needs me, your sitter should leave after they put them to sleep. Your comment makes no sense.
25th April 2013 1:15pm
Sue says...
I am retired and have lots of experience caring for children. I have been watching 4 children on a part time basis for a couple of years. Their parents want to go to Europe and have asked me to watch their children for 7 days in their home. The children are 1.5 years, 3 years, 5 years and 7 years. The older children will be in school. My responsibilities include: cooking, cleaning, transportation to school activities, homework, etc. I will use their vehicle during this time and there will be money available for treats/outings. What would be fair charge for this service?
4th March 2013 3:47pm
Jen says...
19th April 2013 6:26pm
lenutsa says...
great article' it answered all my questions. now, i can make an educated decision/guess on how much i should pay for my babysitter. thanks a lot for the details.
4th March 2013 12:19pm
Hailey says...
i am 13 and i want to babysit. i have 2 younger brothers, one just turned 4 and my other is 9. i babysit them all the time, but i want to start baby sitting for others too. i am very mature and smart, i am a straight A student, i am very energetic and i know how to deal with fussy children and how to calm them down. i know how to cook and bake a variety of foods. i am good at putting kids to sleep, because i sing lullabys and have plenty of childrens books. i want to know if i am ready to baby sit or if i am too young. thanks! Grin
2nd March 2013 11:00am
Crystal says...
Hailey, you are exceptionally well-written for your age. I think if you conduct yourself to this level of professionalism & this is your every-day demeanor, then yes, I would definitely say you are qualified to babysit! Good luck honey!
5th April 2013 2:30pm
tina balderrama says...
Crying i recently started watching my newborn grandson 24 hours a day from 4 days a week it went to 6 days a week . I have no idea what to charge.
27th February 2013 9:29pm
Trish Lang says...
I would like to know where these jobs are that pay this much money. I am a license home day care provider, and have been for 7 yrs. I have never been able to get close to $3 hr, much less $5-18 hr. I think you should do more research. 61265 quad cities IL/IA.
27th February 2013 7:11pm
jennifer fillippinie says...
How much should I pay a babysitter fre only a couple hours per day? My daughter is 7 and is a very well behaved child. She pretty much does everything for herself. I live in a small town. Thanks!
19th February 2013 9:12pm
Carole Ingram says...
It depends on the baby sitting situation. I have two daughters that are ages 6 and 9. I am hiring a friends dauhter who has been friends with my daughters for a few years. My girls consider her as an oldest sister. I did the calculator and it gave me rate of $6/hr. I am paying her 7.50 per hr...I had decided the rate before doing calculator.
19th February 2013 4:50am
angie says...
Hi I'm a preschool teacher@ a school attended by Denver's wealthier population, I have 11 years teaching experience and an equal amount of sitting experience. My families pay me between $12-$20 p/HR for 1-2 kids. I'm doing an overnight for a family with 2 darlings (3 & 8) and 2 very needy dogs. it'll be 5 days in the summer and they will be doing a few hours 3 of the days in a summer camp. This family pays me $12 pr/hr on a normal day. I usually charge $100 pr/day for overnights up to 3 days( for kids+a pet). I've never had one more than 3 days and I want to charge them a little bit less because its going 2 be longer, what would you charge in this situation?
11th February 2013 9:42pm
Jess says...
I babysit 4 kids under the age of 8 every so often. 2 twin girls, a boy and the eldest sister. They are good kids but often muck up. I charge $15 dollars an hour and after 12, I charge an extra $5 per hour, esspecially if he (the dad- divorced) is late coming home or comes home drunk. He is very happy to oay me that much. Alot of you probably think that that is heaps, but after I put the kids to bed, i put the washing on, hang it out, do the dishes, clean the house,playroom, outside and read the twins 5 (yes 5, not 4 and not 6) bed time stories, the little boy 5 pages of his poobear book and sing to the little girl. He asked me to name a price, and I said $11-12 dollars and he started paying me $15 dollars because of the extra effort as well as the fact that i cooked for the kids and bathed them... If you go above and beyond usually they will add a bit extra to you rate...
7th February 2013 10:06pm
F.I.B. says...
I will be babysitting for the first time this Thursday. I am babysitting two kindergarten-second grade children. I know that parents well, and I have a feeling that they will attempt to over-pay me. I do not want this as it would be extremely embarrassing. How much should I be paid for sitting two kids for two hours?
6th February 2013 2:00pm
Rose says...
Sense it is your first time babysitting and only two hours, probably around $10. It seems low, but that is what they will probs pay, maybe less...
21st March 2013 6:59pm
Caryn says...
I have a question....What's considered a proper price to pay someone who watches your 17 year old child (who has special needs), not potty trained, cannot feed herself, cannot speak, etc. She's very much like taking care of a toddler...other than the fact that she's taller (maybe 4'5" and weighs approx. 100 pounds).
We may be having some friends watch her 24/7 for an 8 - 10 day period so we make take a long needed vacation. I really want to be fair with the price they are paid. They are close family friends, and have several children of their own...and the mom is a stay at home mom, most their kids are old enough to chip in and help. I have a feeling the mom will say she doesn't want to be paid....but, I think she should, and fairly.
Any comments would be appreciated.
27th January 2013 4:18pm
Anne says...
Hi, i was just wondering if anybody could help me. I have been working for a family for three & half years now. I work Mon-Fri 7am-5pm.i am currently getting 10 $ an hour and im o. a salary.they just had a second child, im wondering what is the standard raise i should be recieving for minding a second child.
27th January 2013 2:14pm
Lisa says...
I have over 18 years of experience. I recently got asked to babysit. Started out 8 hr days. 2 children, 0630 am drop off, fed them 2 meals plus snacks. got paid 30 dollars a day. Now it has gone up to 11-12 hr days. For 30 dollars a day! Huh i don't want to sound stingy but, it seems like this is not a fair price!
15th January 2013 6:11am
Sandra Hele says...
I am interviewing for a position to care for one year old triplet girls. I am a registered Early Childhood Educator, with C.P.R. police check, and 30 years experience working in a childcare centre. I am wondering what a fair rate is to be paid for three one year old infants in their own home?
11th January 2013 1:01pm
Noemi says...
I am 32 mother of 4 and I was currently laid off. I live in Westminster. Im looking in babysitting kids from my home. Im loving,fun and caring if you need a babysitter please contact me. Grin
26th February 2013 5:24pm
irma rodriguez says...
My friend is babysitting from home (has license) and gets paid $20.00 per day for twins, 8 yr old, who she picks up from school on occasions, mother picks up on Fri. till 8:30pm. She will be getting a 4mo old for $25 a day 8hrs a day.
My question; I feel she is under paid by these parents! Since all has gone up, I advised her to raise her prices since she is 61 this is her only income.
Parents are cheap and don't want to pay more!!
11th January 2013 11:44am
MsLYInc says...
Your friend is getting ripped off. I am a licensed provider and charge $25 per day for afterschool pickup and $250 per week for children under 2 as they are considered to be infants. Infants and toddlers are the most work and she should BR compensated accordingly for that.
27th February 2013 5:40am
Regina says...
I am at age 14 and I charge 8 to 10 dollars per hour and i get paid a good amount for watching a 6,7, and 8 year old. Since they are older it is easier and they are calm childrenSmile.
4th January 2013 4:33pm
Andrea says...
I used your calculator, which I found helpful. But does the rate change if you have to pick up the babysitter versus them driving themselves? We have to drive 30 min to pick up a sitter and then take them home, does that affect the rate? Thanks.
29th December 2012 9:14am
Tamara says...
That's a great question. I would say yes you may wish to take this into account but you'd look a little stingy to actually tell them that's why you are paying them $2 less per hour. In other words, I'd personally be a little discreet about it and just take into consideration when deciding on a rate to pay.
25th March 2013 11:43pm
Kiersten says...
I've been babysitting the same two kids for a year now, paid $8 per hour, and am now being asked to babysit others as well. I've had experience babysitting a lovely tempered 10 year old, and have helped raise my four younger siblings (ages 9, 9, 6, & 6) since I was 9. I can care for infants, pets, and do household duties. Should I raise my rates for the people I may be babysitting for next? If so, how much?
And thank you for this article! It's been very helpful!
16th December 2012 7:33am
Kariah says...
I live in a neighboring city outside Seattle. A woman wants me to babysit her 1, 3, and 5 year old kids. The 1 year old requires constant care and the 3 year old is very resistant to authority. However the 5 year old is quite pleasant to be around and causes no trouble. How much should I charge? She lives very close to my home that I could walk to her house. I would have to clean and cook dinner for them and put them to bed. Thank you!!
9th December 2012 6:12pm
Jim Foster says...
Smile Very helpful information. Thank you for providing it.
8th December 2012 11:51am
Kurt says...
A family wants me to babysit a 1 month old and a 5 year old 3 days a week from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm that's 12.5 hours a day that's 150 hours a month for $500 I thought they were crazy. Am I the only one shocked at this
3rd December 2012 4:07am
Bernard Lewis says...
I am helping my daughter decide what she should pay her mother(my x-wife)to babbysit her 2 yr. old. She also will provide room and board for her. She was thinking 400-600 per month. Any guidance on this?
26th November 2012 7:25am
Liz C says...
If your daughter is providing room and board for your ex, then I really don't think she be paid anything to watch her grandchild.... just saying.
5th December 2012 12:20pm
Madeline says...
I'm babysitting my little cousin and my aunt had no idea how to pay me. Honestly, she was overpaying me a lot! This site was very helpful to help me figure out an hourly rate!
25th November 2012 5:46pm
Jennifer says...
Hello I am 40 yrs old, my sister has asked me to babysit for her when she returns to work. By then her children will be 1 and 4.5 years old. The 4.5 year old will be in Kindegarten not sure if full days or half days or every other day as of yet. I would be driving to her house and taking care of the children. It would be Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. What would be a reasonable fee without taking advantage of one another? Any help would be appreciated, oh and we live in a fairly large city. Thank you.Smile
23rd November 2012 4:34pm
Kate says...
Its pretty frustrating when you have babysat for 8 hours (including diapers, feeding,cleaning up puke, giving baths, putting to bed and watching the kids) and the mom/dad hands you 4 bucks.  (yeah. I've had that happen.) 
I am a high school girl, and am pretty happy with five bucks an hour. I'm experienced with babysitting because I have 5 little siblings that I have helped by babysitting for years and years. Not to mention I have a average of 3 babysitting jobs a week.. I feel like a lot more people should google how much to pay a babysitter XD
21st November 2012 11:02am
Annamaria Moon says...
My situation.  I am 21 year old mother with an 18 month old daughter named Loralei. I wasn't working and my sister needed a baby sitter and I was more than willing to help out and the little bit of cash always comes in handy (I'm currently a single mom with family help) My sister Audrey (28) has a 9 month old named Olivia. I watch her (with my daughter) - for generally 8 hours a day 3 times a week. I drive to her place which is about a 15 min drive and always have to bring my own food. I get paid $25 a day and I really feel it's unfair. She is married and is an assistant manager to a salon. She doesn't let me know till the day before if she isn't going to need me for the day because her husband is off and on Fridays when she is supposed to pay I have to make sure I text her to remind her to pay me. This was only planned to be a temporary deal but has continued and is wanting some clarification on how to handle the situation. I feel that she should pay me more and give me more Read More
19th November 2012 7:42pm
Brooke says...
Honestly if it is family you should expect little to no pay
22nd November 2012 12:58am
Bernadette says...
U r being taken advantage of big time,family can be the worst. I'm not exactly what u should charge her but u definately should be getting alot more. Good luck with that.
4th December 2012 4:40pm
Rose says...
For the past two years I've b'sat four children...infant to 5-yo...many times late nite, some times three-five day stretches, including entire weekends and overnight/meal preps, bathing, laundry, etc (nanny services so to speak)...I am an adult w/many years experience, cpr and first aid training for infants, toddlers, etc...can you tell me what would be a reasonable hourly rate to charge for the services I render? Note, I sit two to four times per month, but there is no given schedule, and I often place their needs/requests before mine due to my love and care for, as well as my concern for children having PROPER, Loving care at all times.
11th November 2012 6:51pm
Hannah says...
Honestly I would charge $10-$12 an hour base, and then if there are other things (like early mornings, and late nights) ad an additional fee. I personally charge double after midnight, and 2.50 extra if it is earlier than 9. I have found typing out a little 'fee calcutator' and giving it to all of the people I babysit for is helpful. Then its all straight forward, and you don't get screwed over (which happens A LOT). You sound like a good care provider, and the parents should feel that you are worth it, as their children are being given quality care. Child care providers are frequently taken advantage of.
Hope this helps! Smile
6th January 2013 2:08pm
ellen says...
How much should I charge for an in home sitter, Monday-Thursday 4am till about noon? Keep in mind, my 16mo old will sleep until 9:30ish.
9th November 2012 10:00pm
lisa says...
my babysitter is fantastic and she doesnt have a paying rate. should i pay her 3 dollars an hour for any child under 4? or 7 dollars for 2 kids? or maybe even 10 dollars an hour for 3 kids 4,7,and 8? i am not quite sure
3rd November 2012 2:05pm
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